The Airfield Operations Competence Certificate

Working on airfield carries inherent safety risks so how do you…

  • Know your training is fit for purpose?
  • Prove an individual is competent?
  • Assure all stakeholders safe, compliant and efficient use of the airfield?
  • Ensure what standard you work to?
  • Prove and demonstrate the ability of the team?
  • Deliver the requirements of the airports safe management system (SMS)?

The solution: The Airfield Operations Competence Certificate (AOCC)

AOCC is an international certificated standard to assure competence of an airport’s airfield staff, based on the UK National Certificate in Airfield Operations (NCAO). The NCAO was specifically developed and designed in the UK through a collaborative working partnership with major and regional airports, supported by the CAA and Airport Operators Association to meet the UK CAA and EASA compliance requirements.

The AOCC is an assessment process that assures competence and compliance. It provides the accountable manager evidence of a skilled and safe workforce that is fit for purpose, meeting the increasing levels of regulatory requirements. The AOCC delivers an accredited and portable certification for all those working in Airfield Operations with a generic technical core that delivers quality, provides the highest levels of safety and assures compliance.

Through a formalised assessment process the certificate will recognise the knowledge, skills and experience of individuals already working in the role. Competence is demonstrated through:

  • Online assessment
  • Individual field assessments conducted by a quality assured assessor
  • Certification of professional competence

Benefits of the AOCC:

  • Operatives and managers are assessed to a recognised standard
  • The AOCC standard is benchmarked against UK and European airport certification requirements
  • The certificate can be tailored to suit local or national requirements
  • AOCC revalidation will maintain ongoing compliance
  • The AOCC provides the opportunity to identify training needs and gap analysis
  • The AOCC online portfolio will capture in one place a maintenance of competency with training records
  • Provides opportunities for a reduction in training cost to the business with greater transferability
  • Provides a career pathway for work-based training and progression

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