Introduction to digital delivery

Establish the methods, guidelines & netiquette for digital delivery

This e-learning programme provides the introductory knowledge into the principles of digital delivery, helping your staff to identify the most effective delivery methods to support learning content and the importance of ensuring it is delivered in a manner that suits the content and audience.

The programme will introduce the guidelines that should be established to protect individuals and businesses, the importance of promoting trust with your audience, netiquette and technical orientation.

This e-learning module can be taken as a standalone programme or as the first stage towards completing the Certificate in Virtual Training.

Who should take this course?

The course is suitable for anyone looking for an introduction to the principles of delivering online, including those looking to become a trainer, transitioning to be a virtual trainer or teacher or those regularly presenting and delivering sessions online.

What the course covers

  • What is online learning
  • Methods of digital delivery
  • Guidelines for digital delivery
  • Netiquette
  • Technical orientation

Benefits of the programme

Benefits of training in the Introduction to Digital Delivery programme include:

  • An easily accessible 90-minute e-learning programme
  • An effective introduction into the principles of delivering online
  • A steppingstone onto the Certificate in Virtual Training
  • Certificated learning – those that completed all modules and successfully pass the online assessment will receive an e-certificate to validate learning

What is the cost of the programme?

The recommended retail price for this 90-minute e-learning programme is £19+VAT

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